Ferrous Sulfate and Synthroid 1.5 Update

News of Jay’s latest blood work reveal that his Synthroid needs to be upgraded to 1.5 mcg, while he’s advised to take some iron supplements. As luck would have it, his wife has recently bought 4 pint size bottles of Ferrous Sulfate Elixir, which might come in handy on Jay’s mission to full recovery.



Nearly one year ago to this date I had my last surgery – in December 2017. Here’s a quick recap of how I felt that day, and a brief summary of how things have progressed over the last twelve months.

Be More You

Jay discovered that by slowing down what he’s doing in his day job, he has a much more fulfilling experience with himself.

About Green Bar SSL Certificates

Here’s some background information about Green Bar / EV SSL Certificates that I didn’t know, until I spoke to a super friendly support technician at ENOM. The topic just came up, and I’ve learnt why these things can be so pricey.

The Apple Podcast Story

Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how things at Apple don’t always “just work”: When Jay tries to submit his latest SUPER SURVIVOR Podcast Feed, it takes the folks at Apple nearly a month to approve it.

Look After Yourself

Jay has unintentionally inspired a co-worker, who was kind enough to let him know the positive impact his brief comment has had on her. Meanwhile, Jay feels he has no choice but to let one of his hosting customers go – for the benefit of his own wellbeing.