Watch My Video Diary

I’ve been making gonzo-style pieces to camera for many years, probably since I first got my hands on a VHS-C camera in the nineties. I’ve never made them available to the public before, but since my ordeal with cancer I see the world very differently. If any of my experiences can help others, I believe it is my duty to share these entires with you.

My Video Diary is about the second half of my life, about the many more tales I have to tell, and the inspiring as well as challenging moments I keep noticing all around me.Β 

Watch all my videosΒ on my YouTube Channel. or directly on this page (latest video is at the top). I run this channel as a side project and a behind-the-scenes outlet for my more popular main channel, which is about software and technology. Drop by if you like.Β 

No time to watch? Listen instead!

If audio is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve also got my inspirational talks available as Podcast Feeds. I’ve made a dedicated page for that – check it out here.