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I’m a super survivor

Never give up

I have spent the last three years going through cancer treatment hell and have survived against all odds, thanks to a new treatment approach called immunotherapy.

I haven’t shared much of my journey as it was happening between 2015 and 2017, but now that it’s all over, I have an amazing story to tell.

Lynch Syndrome

My type of cancer is genetic. It’s caused by mutations that impair DNA Mismatch Repair (MMR). This condition is also known as Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer.

KRAS Mutation

My cancer also has had a KRAS mutation. This condition makes it much more aggresive than “regular” cancers, and as such renders it almost immune to conventional treatments.


Super Survivor

I’m a cancer survivor for whom conventional treatment didn’t work. But an immunoherapy drug called Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) did the trick.

Catheter Tales

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing every type of catheter there is. Check out my tips on how to live with them.

Stoma Tips & Tricks

I’ve had both a colostomy and an ileostomy for nearly two years. Here are some tips on living with those things.

Life on TPN

I’ve used various types of Total Parenteral Nutrition instead ot solid food for nearly a year. Let me tell you about my experiences with it.


Chemotherapy Infusions

Immunotherapy Infusions

Radiation Treatments

I was miraculously cured.

Read my Book

I’m currently writing a book called BROKEN BOWELS – Tales of a Super Survivor. It should be ready by the end of June.

Watch my Video Diary

I’ve documented my whole cancer journey with personal videos. You can watch the full length movies in the Diary Section.

Presidential Treatment

I was treated with the same immunotherapy drug that cured President Jimmy Carter. It seems to have worked wonders for the both of us!

I met the right people
at the right time.

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Ready for Pre-Orders

As of today, my new book BROKEN BOWELS is available for pre-order on Amazon. I'm aiming for a release date of Independence Day, on July 4th, 2018. Find out more on the book page. The book currently has 38.000 words, which is the equivalent of 250 pages. Although I...

Hello world!

https://youtu.be/lFjyn4mkh3o I've recorded the above video in November 2017, shortly after I was discharged from my penultimate surgery, and just after I got the "all clear". It's probably a little long as a promotional and snappy opener, but it tells my whole story...

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