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I’m a super survivor

Never give up

I have spent the last three years going through cancer treatment hell and have survived against all odds, thanks to a new treatment approach called immunotherapy.

I haven’t shared much of my journey as it was happening between 2015 and 2017, but now that it’s all over, I have an amazing story to tell.

Lynch Syndrome

My type of cancer is genetic. It’s caused by mutations that impair DNA Mismatch Repair (MMR). This condition is also known as Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer.

KRAS Mutation

My cancer also has had a KRAS mutation. This condition makes it much more aggresive than “regular” cancers, and as such renders it almost immune to conventional treatments.


Super Survivor

I’m a cancer survivor for whom conventional treatment didn’t work. But an immunoherapy drug called Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) did the trick.

Catheter Tales

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing every type of catheter there is. Check out my tips on how to live with them.

Stoma Tips & Tricks

I’ve had both a colostomy and an ileostomy for nearly two years. Here are some tips on living with those things.

Life on TPN

I’ve used various types of Total Parenteral Nutrition instead of solid food for nearly a year. Let me tell you about my experiences with it.


Chemotherapy Infusions

Immunotherapy Infusions

Radiation Treatments

I was miraculously cured.

Read my Book

I’ve just finished writing a book about my whole cancer journey. It’s called

BROKEN BOWELS – Tales of a Super Survivor.

You can get it as Paperback and Kindle Edition from Amazon.

Presidential Treatment

I was treated with the same immunotherapy drug that cured President Jimmy Carter. It seems to have worked wonders for the both of us!

What’s been happening recently

Nobel Prize for the inventors of Immunotherapy

https://youtu.be/kD9IGzKPBik Earlier this week, on the 1st of October 2018 to be exact, two wonderful people have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology: James Allison and Tasuku Honjo. CONGRATULATIONS! These two men have more or less invented...

That Finger Tingling Thang

Quick health update for September: Remember that Finger Tingling side effect I experienced from my first chemotherapy treatment? The one caused by Oxaliplatin when I touch cold things? It seems that it's back - in a modified and lesser form. I've noticed it since the...

Fit enough to do a job – #result

Exciting news: At the end of July, I spontaneously started a part-time job with Instacart as an in-store shopper. This means I'm spending several hours every week in our local Publix supermarket together with my iPhone, which displays what groceries our customers...

Paperbacks are now in stock!

I've just had word from my friends at Amazon that BROKEN BOWELS is now available as Paperback edition too! I've got my hands on an early copy in the picture. My Mum has one too, so does Jerry. If you want to join us, head over to the dedicated book page, which has...

I’ve made the news in the Miami Herald

Recently I gave a couple of interviews about my case, one of which was to Cindy Goodman from the Miami Herald newspaper. The article is about how immunotherapy is greatly changing the odds of survival for people like myself. It has a few quotes from my oncologist Dr....

First Draft – Version 0.1

I had taken a couple of months off from writing, but with a new deadline in place, I'm very eager to dash for the finish line. To see where I stand and what I've got so far, I've decided to print out the whole manuscript and read it. I've shied away from this before...

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