Dr. Mike Cusnir on Colon Cancer (March 2018)

Dr. Mike Cusnir on Colon Cancer (March 2018)

In this presentation, my oncologist Dr. Mike Cusnir talks about very recent scientific findings about colon cancer: how the disease works, how to prevent it, and how to ultimately cure it.

I found this a highly inspirational talk, full of very easy to understand information. Plus it’s a nice chance to meet him 🙂

Meet Dr. Cusnir

at the 2nd annual Oncology Symposium on April 6th, 2019 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Conference Centers in Hollywood, Florida. Julia and I will be there, my nutritionist Julie Rothenberg will be there, and Dr. Karen Stephenson will be there to. Join us!

Contact Dr. Cusnir

You can get in touch with him via the Mount Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL

I’m a Healer

At a routine post-treatment appointment with his dentist, Jay is told that his gums have healed incredibly well and above average after his recent wisdom teeth extraction. He also finds time to update his website while waiting for a blood test in preparation for a meeting with Dr. Keller next week, gets a flu shot while he’s at it, and celebrates with a coffee afterwards.

Getting The YouTube Community Tab

Jay receives a surprise gift from the people at YouTube: the oft-fabled, ambitious yet misunderstood Community Tab. This tab is usually unlocked only for successful channels with 10.000 subscribers or more, however Jay’s WP Guru Project gets this feature much earlier.

Will Jay be able to figure out what to use it for in due course? Find out on his tech channel The WP Guru: https://youtube.com/wphosting

Arriving in Ohio

Jay and Julia land in Columbus, OH and experience what snow and cold weather is like – after living in the tropicals climes of Florida for six years. This is Jay’s first trip since his run-in with cancer by the way.

The Passport Story

Jay and Julia’s travel plans may be impacted by the casual discovery that Julia’s passport has expired last year. Will the team still be able to travel from Ohio to Canada, and if so at what cost?

There’s no place for Flickr anymore

Jay receives an email from Flickr, telling him that his free 1TB of photo storage space is being reduced to exactly one thousand pictures. It begs the question: do we still need #Flickr in 2018 and beyond, and if so, what for?