Quick health update for September:

Remember that Finger Tingling side effect I experienced from my first chemotherapy treatment? The one caused by Oxaliplatin when I touch cold things? It seems that it’s back – in a modified and lesser form.

I’ve noticed it since the beginning of September. When I picked up an extremely chilled can of LaCroix sparkling water from our fridge the other day, my right thumb started “prickling” just a little bit. Nothing serious, nevertheless noticeable. None of my other fingers seem to notice this change, as they have done before when I was on FOLFOX between May and July 2016. 

It’s strange for this side effect to creep in again, without notice, and for no apparent reason. I remember vividly asking our nurse practitioner Janet at Baptist just before the treatment began, if those side effects would ever completely go away. She just smiled at me without giving me a definite answer. I guess the truth is that nobody can predict if these strange chemo side effects will disappear, or linger for years.

Now I have my answer. That Finger Tingling Thang will last – albeit not anywhere near what it once was like when I was receiving the treatment. It’s been over two years since FOLFOX and Oxaliplatin at the time of writing.

Other than that, my wonderful home-healthcare nurse Astrid has increased my daily dose of Levothyroxine by a marginal 0.0012g. This was as a result of my latest T3/T4 and TSR test, showing that although my artificial thyroid hormones are doing a great job, there’s a tiny bit of room for improvement. They need to go a little higher yet, having been at xx until xx.

I’ve just given a blood sample at our local Quest lab on 41st Street, the results of which will show us if this increase was enough or if I need a little more of the good stuff.

I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Other than that, I cannot help but share with you that I am extremely and wonderfully HAPPY with my current life. I have a part-time job, I’m earning a bit of cash to make those medical bills disappear, I’m meeting new people, and I’ve got plenty of time for creative ventures (such as keeping this project alive and the many other web activities I’m involved in). 

This month I’ve been very active on my YouTube channel, I’ve been working on seven podcast feeds, finished the audio version of BROKEN BOWELS. August and July were just as productive, which all goes to show that, as George Costanza would say, “I’m back, baby!”

Speaking of which, our treat this month is to go and see Jerry Seinfeld at the Adrienne Arsht Centre.

I can’t wait!

Until next time–