Recently I gave a couple of interviews about my case, one of which was to Cindy Goodman from the Miami Herald newspaper.

The article is about how immunotherapy is greatly changing the odds of survival for people like myself. It has a few quotes from my oncologist Dr. Cusnir in it too.

The swanky picture above was taken in March 2018 in front of the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Centre (MCCC). That’s where I’ve received most of my chemo cocktails as well as the immunotherapy (Keytruda). During 2016 and 2017, this building felt like our second home.

And guess what: the article was published on my 46th birthday – what a nice surprise!

You can read it in English or in Spanish on the Miami Herald website. And just in case those links aren’t working, I’ve downloaded both of them as PDF versions for my scrapbook too:

Thanks for the mention, Cindy!