The New Weekly Schedule for 2019

In an effort to streamline my day job and my creative efforts, I’ve devised a plan to set dedicated days aside for each venture. Here’s my plan, which – so far – is working wonders for my physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Streaming Setup

I’ve been busy restructuring my desk in preparation for some live streaming, both from my Windows system as well as from my Playstation consoles. I’m discussing my setup in this episode, together with some interesting findings I had along the way.

God wants you to start a YouTube Channel

Two years ago, somebody told me that I should start a YouTube channel and share some of my positive vibes with the world. I smiled, at the suggestion, not realising that I had already done so. Looking back at this incident, I’ve realised what a great idea that was.

Plans for Live Streaming

In an effort to produce more quality content faster, I’ve been testing live streaming from my various devices. Here are some thoughts on how I’m planning to accomplish this for my audience in 2019.

Amazon Influencer Update (hint: it sucks)

Here’s an update to my earlier video about the Amazon Influencer Programme. To re-cap, a month or two ago, I’ve signed up and was approved to be an Amazon Influencer in the US, based on the amount of YouTube subscribers on my other channel (just over 4000 when it happened).

Since then I’ve made a whopping $1 from the endeavour. In this episode I’ll explain more about the ridiculous complexity of joining the programme, Amazon’s mysterious system called One Link, and what happens when you don’t send 6 billion visitors per second to Mr. Bezos.

You can watch my earlier video here.

My super memorable vanity URL is (best click it fast, before it stops working) 😂

Plans for 2019 (and a Happy New Year)

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and in 2019 I want to make it a reality: Regular Live Streams!

My idea is to do two types of streams:

Creative live streams, much like what I’ve been doing as fully proudced videos on a regular schedule. I’m thinking perhaps FRIDAYS at 10AM EST (that’s 4PM in the UK, 5PM in Europe and 2AM in Sydney) – let me know what you think. These will cover creative softwares like DAZ Studio, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Blender, Carrara, along those lines. Those solitary computer tasks, with the benefit of live interaction through chat.

The other type of stream is video gaming. Those are happening in addition, no regular schedule, and they’re more about hanging out and having a chat. It’s a great place to ask questions and get answers from me. At the same time, we’ll have a look at a video game and think about how it was built by the developers (as well as seeing how to play it).

See you soon 🙂

PS: Have a wonderful 2019 everybody!!!

Has Gutenberg made WordPress less relevant?

I’ve been using WordPress since 2006 for so many projects, and I can’t imagine a life without it. I often use it as a notebook, and Gutenberg doesn’t make that very easy. This means that I either have to find a different workflow and get used to Gutenberg, or find another way to manage my content.

Which begs the question, is WordPress still as relevant to me today as it was when I discovered it back in the day?

Voice Mail Spam – Vol. 1

I don’t get phone calls anymore. All I get spam calls, mostly from automated systems. I’m not sure if it’s just the machines trying to connect with me, or if it’s a government ploy, or if my number is on some kind of “annoy to death” list. As a result, I don’t check my messages very often – but when I do, I’m happy to share what I receive with you (because sometimes it’s hilarious).