So Adobe bought Allegorithmic

This week’s tech news is that Adobe have bought Allegorithmic, which leads me to re-consider the Creative Cloud. In this episode I’m sharing my thoughts on perpetual software licenses vs. subscriptions, as well as voluntary contributions, and how it all makes me feel.

International Accounts and Postage

I’m on my way to the post office to buy some stamps, so that I can send a letter to Germany, cancelling one of my international bank accounts. First world traveller problems at their finest!

Pain and Awareness

Over the last few days I’ve notched some annoying pain developing in my left shoulder, as well as my left hand. It was so bad that I couldn’t turn my head anymore. To avoid this from getting worse, I took a closer look at how I did things in my life

Meanwhile, I’ve received a large package with tiny content from Amazon.

The New Weekly Schedule for 2019

In an effort to streamline my day job and my creative efforts, I’ve devised a plan to set dedicated days aside for each venture. Here’s my plan, which – so far – is working wonders for my physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Streaming Setup

I’ve been busy restructuring my desk in preparation for some live streaming, both from my Windows system as well as from my Playstation consoles. I’m discussing my setup in this episode, together with some interesting findings I had along the way.

God wants you to start a YouTube Channel

Two years ago, somebody told me that I should start a YouTube channel and share some of my positive vibes with the world. I smiled, at the suggestion, not realising that I had already done so. Looking back at this incident, I’ve realised what a great idea that was.

Plans for Live Streaming

In an effort to produce more quality content faster, I’ve been testing live streaming from my various devices. Here are some thoughts on how I’m planning to accomplish this for my audience in 2019.

Amazon Influencer Update (hint: it sucks)

Here’s an update to my earlier video about the Amazon Influencer Programme. To re-cap, a month or two ago, I’ve signed up and was approved to be an Amazon Influencer in the US, based on the amount of YouTube subscribers on my other channel (just over 4000 when it happened).

Since then I’ve made a whopping $1 from the endeavour. In this episode I’ll explain more about the ridiculous complexity of joining the programme, Amazon’s mysterious system called One Link, and what happens when you don’t send 6 billion visitors per second to Mr. Bezos.

You can watch my earlier video here.

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